• Artist Statement

    I create abstract imagery about liminal states and spaces using biomorphic forms. My work begins with the observation of natural visual stimuli, such as water, sea creatures, shattered glass, vegetation, fractal patterns in nature, rock formations, clouds, light refractions and satellite images taken from space. From there, I generate my own interpretation of beauty as an indefinable, fluctuating, fluid, and mutable gray area or space that exists in between our tangible categorizations of it. I am exploring the psychology of cognition, specifically in regard to that space. I am intrigued by how definable ideas originate within human thought processes and sensory stimuli. In pursuit of this liminal space, I am also interested in the fine line that exists between harmonious growth and cancerous consumption, as well as the blurry place we encounter amidst dreaming and waking.

    My process of making is reflective of these interests and resides in the play between fragility and delicacy, and the stated and forceful; between the purposeful and the accidental. My work varies in medium from painting and drawing to photography and video. The dimensions of my work range drastically from wall size to several inches and scale shifts from the macroscopic to the microscopic, sometimes portraying both simultaneously. My palette mixes synthetic, highly intense colors with natural earth tones to further blur the boundaries between manmade and nature. Masses melt and solidify seamlessly from object to liquid or vapor. I experiment with the natural tendencies of paint and ink, like dripping and pouring, and embrace these accidents as fuel for reactionary controlled brush marks and line. Observation, photography and video work informs my painting and drawing, and, in turn, painting and drawing inform my observation, photography and video practice.